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Joan Lowery Nixon

June 12, 2001

Dear Ms. Morrow,

It's a great honor for my book, Lucy's Wish, to be runner-up for the 2001 Children's Crown Award. Thank you for your lovely letter informing me of the award and for the beautiful framed certificate. You have a wonderful program, and can be very proud of it.

I'm delighted to learn that Search for the Shadowman was on your list in 1999. No one at my publishing house had informed me.

It's a double-joy to learn that David's Search will be on your 2001-2002 list. Thank you. On your printed list could you please correct the spelling of my name? Lowery has an "e" in it.

I hope that all my books will fit your high standards. They're my standards, too, as a writer. My new series for children ages 8 - 12 will interest you, I think. There are six books (the last two to be published this fall) in the Young Americans Colonial Williamsburg stories about real children who lived in the Williamsburg from 1749 to 1775.

With many good wishes,

Joan Lowery Nixon