2024-2025 Gallery Book List

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Banana Dream Hasan Namir
Illustrated by Daby Zainab Faidhi Publisher Neal Porter Books ISBN# 978-0823451005 (HB) Copyright 7/11/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Growing up in Iraq after the Gulf War, Mooz didn’t always like his name, which means “banana”. But when he learns the story behind it, he’s proud, even when being teased by his classmates. Now all he yearns for is to taste a banana—a lofty dream in a time when few countries are trading with Iraq, where bananas don’t grow.

Broken Crayons Still Color Toni Collier
Illustrated by Natalie Vasilica Publisher Tommy Nelson ISBN# 978-1400242900 (HB) Copyright 8/22/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Avery has big emotions and bubbling anxieties about changes in her life. When her crayons break as she scribbles furiously, she discovers that they have personalities and feelings too! And they can show her how to use her love of coloring to manage scary, overwhelming feelings and embrace curiosity and joy. As Avery follows the crayons’ advice, gets creative, and chooses bravery and positive thinking, she discovers that God can use her to make beautiful things, even with broken crayons.

Cozy in Love Jan Brett
Illustrated by Jan Brett Publisher G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers ISBN# 978-0593109854 (HB) Copyright 11/8/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.50

After losing a test of strength to another musk ox in his herd, Cozy is convinced he’ll never impress his crush, Lofti. But while he’s sulking, he learns of a bigger concern. His friend Bella, a beluga whale, is still playing in an inlet even though it’s cold enough for ice to form and block her way out. Cozy races to the inlet and, sure enough, Bella is in trouble. Luckily, Cozy thinks of a new way to use his strong legs and tough horns that might help save Bella and win Lofti’s heart as well.

Every Little Seed Cynthia Schumerth
Illustrated by Elisa Paganelli Publisher Sleeping Bear Press ISBN# 978-1534112698 (HB) Copyright 3/14/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Grandpa told Mom, and Mom told me: The secret of a plant lives in every little seed. Seeds are truly amazing! Did you know that every seed, no matter how small (microscopic) or large (weighing up to 14 pounds), contains everything it needs to one day grow into a plant? Three generations of a gardening family work together to bring a backyard garden to full bloom.

Like Me: A Story About Disability and Discovering God’s Image in Every Person Laura Wifler
Illustrated by Skylar White Publisher Harvest Kids ISBN# 978-0736985758 (HB) Copyright 1/10/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

This children’s picture book follows a sibling of a child with a disability as they go through their day. A simple story with an important message, Like Me helps kids recognize the many similarities they share with disabled kids and model a loving and understanding approach to the differences.

Polly and the Screen Time Overload Betsy Childs Howard
Illustrated by Samara Hardy Publisher Crossway ISBN# 978-1433577888 (HB) Copyright 5/10/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Readers meet Polly while on a trip to her grandparents’ farm. During her visit, she spends all her time on her new tablet instead of enjoying the farm animals and playing with her cousins. A chat with her grandfather teaches her that, though screen time can be good, it can also keep kids away from better things.

Shermy and Shake, the Not So Nice Neighbor Kirby Larson
Illustrated by Shinji Fujioka Publisher Candlewick ISBN# Shinji Fujioka (HB) Copyright 5/9/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

When a new kid comes to stay with his grandmother at the house next door, Shermy’s plans for a quiet, relaxing summer are completely upended. That’s because Shake is nothing like Shermy. And Shermy is nothing like Shake. Shermylikes to read quietly in the shade of a tree. He knows the proper way to do a puzzle. He collects treasures in the pouch he wears around his neck, and the books on his shelves are alphabetized by author. Shakelikes to play street hockey or space explorers. He gobbles up rocket ice pops and Toaster Tarts. He shows up unannounced and plays board games by his own rules. As the two boys are forced to spend more and more time together, will they learn how to get along? Or will it be one long countdown until Shake goes home?

When I Caught You Izzy B
Illustrated by Publisher IzzyBBooks ISBN# 979-8218091910 (PB) Copyright 10/28/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

As the moon still hung above the treetops, Dad Bear gently woke his little fisherman to set out on a grand adventure. They always took the long way around the mountain, but when they finally arrived at their fishing spot, the fish weren’t bitin’ a bit. When they were ready to pack up their things, Dad Bear declared it “a wonderful day!” which confused Little Bear. How could it be a wonderful day? They didn’t catch a single fish! When I Caught You is a sweet story that teaches readers that sometimes it’s not about how many fish you catch, but the memories you made along the way.

The Adventures of Robo-Kid Diane deGroat
Illustrated by Publisher Neal Porter Books ISBN# 978-0823449767 (HB) Copyright 6/28/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Imagine you could meet your favorite comic-book hero in the real world. What kinds of questions would you ask? Would you go on new and exciting adventures? While heroes might seem larger than life, everyone can use some help from a friend.

The Horseback Librarians Jane Yolen
Illustrated by Alexandra Badiu Publisher Albert Whitman & Company ISBN# 978-0807562918 (HB) Copyright 6/22/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

There were no libraries in the backwoods of Kentucky in the 1930s. Librarians there and throughout the South delivered books to families by horseback and mule, sleeping outdoors or sheltering in barns when they could, going from farm to farm in remote areas. In this story, a woman named Anna Mary stands in for all the real-life horseback librarians who helped keep the love of books alive in Appalachia during the Great Depression.