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Banana Dream Hasan Namir
Illustrated by Daby Zainab Faidhi Publisher Neal Porter Books ISBN# 978-0823451005 (HB) Copyright 7/11/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Growing up in Iraq after the Gulf War, Mooz didn’t always like his name, which means “banana”. But when he learns the story behind it, he’s proud, even when being teased by his classmates. Now all he yearns for is to taste a banana—a lofty dream in a time when few countries are trading with Iraq, where bananas don’t grow.

The Brilliant Calculator: How Mathematician Edith Clarke Helped Electrify America Jan Lower 2024-2025
Illustrated by Susan Reagan Publisher Calkins Creek ISBN# 978-1662680069 (HB) Copyright 3/14/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Long before calculators were invented, little Edith Clarke devoured numbers, conquered calculations, cracked puzzles, and breezed through brainteasers. Edith wanted to be an engineer—to use the numbers she saw all around her to help build America.

Broken Crayons Still Color Toni Collier
Illustrated by Natalie Vasilica Publisher Tommy Nelson ISBN# 978-1400242900 (HB) Copyright 8/22/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Avery has big emotions and bubbling anxieties about changes in her life. When her crayons break as she scribbles furiously, she discovers that they have personalities and feelings too! And they can show her how to use her love of coloring to manage scary, overwhelming feelings and embrace curiosity and joy. As Avery follows the crayons’ advice, gets creative, and chooses bravery and positive thinking, she discovers that God can use her to make beautiful things, even with broken crayons.

Cozy in Love Jan Brett
Illustrated by Jan Brett Publisher G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers ISBN# 978-0593109854 (HB) Copyright 11/8/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.50

After losing a test of strength to another musk ox in his herd, Cozy is convinced he’ll never impress his crush, Lofti. But while he’s sulking, he learns of a bigger concern. His friend Bella, a beluga whale, is still playing in an inlet even though it’s cold enough for ice to form and block her way out. Cozy races to the inlet and, sure enough, Bella is in trouble. Luckily, Cozy thinks of a new way to use his strong legs and tough horns that might help save Bella and win Lofti’s heart as well.

Every Little Seed Cynthia Schumerth
Illustrated by Elisa Paganelli Publisher Sleeping Bear Press ISBN# 978-1534112698 (HB) Copyright 3/14/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Grandpa told Mom, and Mom told me: The secret of a plant lives in every little seed. Seeds are truly amazing! Did you know that every seed, no matter how small (microscopic) or large (weighing up to 14 pounds), contains everything it needs to one day grow into a plant? Three generations of a gardening family work together to bring a backyard garden to full bloom.

Just Gus McCall Hoyle 2024-2025
Illustrated by Vivienne To Publisher Shadow Mountain Publishing ISBN# 978-1639930937 (HB) Copyright 4/3/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Gus is a livestock guardian dog with one job―protecting his farm from coyotes and foxes. He likes keeping the sheep, the chickens, and his humans safe, and he’s very good at it.One day, Diego and his dad come to visit the farm, and Gus immediately connects to the small boy. They both like to sit still and enjoy the quiet, and Gus can tell that Diego likes being around a gentle giant of a dog, that it helps relieve the boy’s constant worry.When Gus detects the scent of a bear in the woods, he rushes to protect his flock, injuring his leg in a fight with the dangerous beast. Wounded, Gus needs to rest and heal away from his sheep, so he doesn’t risk reinjuring his leg. Diego suggests Gus come home with them to the North Carolina coast.Suddenly, Gus is thrust into a new world of saltwater and sand and neighbors who don’t appreciate the presence of a large guard dog, like the neighbor who reminds Gus of his first owner―the junkyard man with the heavy boots.Gus realizes Diego might need a friend as much as his sheep need a protector, but if he can’t learn to control his instincts, like barking and patrolling the neighborhood, Gus might lose his chance to stay in his new home. If he can’t protect the farm or his boy, Gus worries he might never find his place in the world.

Like Me: A Story About Disability and Discovering God’s Image in Every Person Laura Wifler
Illustrated by Skylar White Publisher Harvest Kids ISBN# 978-0736985758 (HB) Copyright 1/10/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

This children’s picture book follows a sibling of a child with a disability as they go through their day. A simple story with an important message, Like Me helps kids recognize the many similarities they share with disabled kids and model a loving and understanding approach to the differences.

Polly and the Screen Time Overload Betsy Childs Howard
Illustrated by Samara Hardy Publisher Crossway ISBN# 978-1433577888 (HB) Copyright 5/10/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Readers meet Polly while on a trip to her grandparents’ farm. During her visit, she spends all her time on her new tablet instead of enjoying the farm animals and playing with her cousins. A chat with her grandfather teaches her that, though screen time can be good, it can also keep kids away from better things.

Shermy and Shake, the Not So Nice Neighbor Kirby Larson
Illustrated by Shinji Fujioka Publisher Candlewick ISBN# Shinji Fujioka (HB) Copyright 5/9/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

When a new kid comes to stay with his grandmother at the house next door, Shermy’s plans for a quiet, relaxing summer are completely upended. That’s because Shake is nothing like Shermy. And Shermy is nothing like Shake. Shermylikes to read quietly in the shade of a tree. He knows the proper way to do a puzzle. He collects treasures in the pouch he wears around his neck, and the books on his shelves are alphabetized by author. Shakelikes to play street hockey or space explorers. He gobbles up rocket ice pops and Toaster Tarts. He shows up unannounced and plays board games by his own rules. As the two boys are forced to spend more and more time together, will they learn how to get along? Or will it be one long countdown until Shake goes home?

When I Caught You Izzy B
Illustrated by Publisher IzzyBBooks ISBN# 979-8218091910 (PB) Copyright 10/28/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

As the moon still hung above the treetops, Dad Bear gently woke his little fisherman to set out on a grand adventure. They always took the long way around the mountain, but when they finally arrived at their fishing spot, the fish weren’t bitin’ a bit. When they were ready to pack up their things, Dad Bear declared it “a wonderful day!” which confused Little Bear. How could it be a wonderful day? They didn’t catch a single fish! When I Caught You is a sweet story that teaches readers that sometimes it’s not about how many fish you catch, but the memories you made along the way.

Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'round: My Story of the Making of Martin Luther King Day Kathlyn J. Kirkwood 2024-2025
Illustrated by Steffi Walthall Publisher Versify ISBN# 978-0358387268 (HB) Copyright 1/4/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ’Round is a deeply moving middle grade memoir about what it means to be an everyday activist and foot solider for racial justice, as Kathlyn recounts how, drawn to activism from childhood, she went from attending protests as a teenager to fighting for Martin Luther King, Jr.‘s birthday to become a national holiday as an adult. A blueprint for kids starting down their own paths to civic awareness, it shows life beyond protests and details the sustained time, passion, and energy it takes to turn an idea into a law.

Beneath the Swirling Sky Carolyn Leiloglou 2024-2025
Illustrated by Vivienne To Publisher WaterBrook ISBN# 978-0593579527 (HB) Copyright 9/12/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

A house full of paintings, a missing sister, and a family secret send a boy and his cousin into a world where art is the key in this fantasy adventure perfect for fans of The Wingfeather Saga and Pages & Co.After an experience he’d rather forget, Vincent is determined to be done with art. So when he and his little sister, Lili, spend spring break with their art conservator great-uncle, Vincent’s plan is to stay glued to his phone.That is, until Lili disappears into one of the world’s most famous paintings and Vincent learns his parents have been hiding something from him: Their family is the last of The Restorationists, a secret society with the power to travel through paintings—and a duty to protect them from evil forces.

Clara Poole and the Long Way Round Taylor Tyng 2024-2025
Illustrated by Publisher Pixel+Ink ISBN# 978-1645951599 (HB) Copyright 7/4/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

When an unintended flight over Michigan in her class science project—a lawn chair held aloft by balloons—brings her instant celebrity, Clara Poole is invited to be the spokesperson for a round-the-world adventure race. But when her overprotective father refuses, Clara forges his signature in a moment of defiance and runs away to Paris to take her place in the skies. If only she’d read the fine print first.

Far Out! Anne Bustard 2024-2025
Illustrated by Publisher Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers ISBN# 978-1665914192 (HB) Copyright 4/18/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

It’s 1964, the Space Race is well underway, and eleven-year-old Magnolia Jean Crook and the other residents of Totter, Texas, are over the moon about UFOs.The whole town is gearing up for the First Annual Come on Down Day—in just one week, they are hoping to host any and all space aliens who would like to visit Earth. But right before the kick-off party, a meteorite goes missing—and MJ’s beloved grandmother Mimi, who is the vice president of the Totter Unidentified Flying Object Organization, is the prime suspect.

Half Moon Summer Elaine Vickers 2024-2025
Illustrated by Publisher Peachtree ISBN# 978-1682635391 (HB) Copyright 6/6/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Drew was never much of a runner. Until his dad’s unexpected diagnosis. Mia has nothing better to do. Until she realizes entering Half Moon Bay’s half-marathon could solve her family’s housing problems. And just like that they decide to spend their entire summer training to run 13.1 miles. Drew and Mia have very different reasons for running, but these two twelve-year-olds have one crucial thing in common (besides sharing a birthday): Hope. For the future. For their families. And for each other.

I Will Protect You Eva Mozes Kor and Danica Davidson 2024-2025
Illustrated by Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers ISBN# 978-0316460637 (HB) Copyright 4/5/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Eva and her identical twin sister, Miriam, had a mostly happy childhood. Theirs was the only Jewish family in their small village in the Transylvanian mountains, but they didn’t think much of it until anti-Semitism reared its ugly head in their school. Then, in 1944, ten-year-old Eva and her family were deported to Auschwitz. At its gates, Eva and Miriam were separated from their parents and other siblings, selected as subjects for Dr. Mengele’s infamous medical experiments.

Light Comes to Shadow Mountain Toni Buzzeo 2024-2025
Illustrated by Publisher Holiday House ISBN# 978-0823453849 (HB) Copyright 7/11/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 5.50

It’s 1937 and the government is pushing to bring electricity to the mountains of southeastern Kentucky. It’s all Cora can think of; radios with news from around the world, machines that keep food cold, lightbulbs by which to read at night! Cora figures she can help spread the word by starting a school newspaper and convincing her neighbors to support the Rural Electrification Act. But resistance to change isn’t easy to overcome, especially when it starts at home. Cora’s mother is a fierce opponent of electrification. She argues that protecting the landscape of the holler—the trees, the streams, the land that provides for their way of life—is their responsibility. But Cora just can’t let go of wanting more.

Outside Nowhere Adam Borba 2024-2025
Illustrated by Sam Kalda Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers ISBN# 978-0316542647 (HB) Copyright 10/18/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Once Parker’s father catches wind of his latest scheme, he decides enough is enough, and Parker is sent halfway across the country to work on a farm alongside five other kids who aren’t his biggest fans. As Parker learns to roll up his sleeves and keep his head down, strange things start happening. And after he awakens one morning to find a seventeen-hundred-pound dairy cow on the roof of a barn, he suspects that something magical and mysterious is growing in the farm’s fields.

Serpent Slayer and the Scroll of Riddles Andy Naselli and Champ Thornton 2024-2025
Illustrated by Dana Thompson Publisher New Growth Press ISBN# 978-1645072331 (PB) Copyright 2/14/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

The Serpent Slayer and the Scroll of Riddles is a time travel adventure with a twist—middle school students will discover theological themes as they travel through God’s Word. By placing the characters into Bible events, Champ Thornton and Andrew Naselli show the Bible is far from being a boring book full of instructions. Readers will discover life-changing truths they’ll never forget.

Sisterhood of Sleuths Jennifer Chambliss Bertman 2024-2025
Illustrated by Vesper Stamper Publisher Christy Ottaviano Books ISBN# 978-0316331074 (HB) Copyright 10/4/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 5.10

Maizy always assumed she knew everything about her grandmother, Jacuzzi. So when a box full of vintage Nancy Drew books gets left at her mom’s thrift store, Maizy is surprised to find an old photo of her grandmother and two other women tucked beneath the collection. Stranger still, when Maizy shows the photo to Jacuzzi she feigns ignorance, insisting the woman is someone else. Determined to learn the truth — and inspired by the legacy of Nancy Drew — Maizy launches her own investigation with the help of new friends, Nell and Cam. What they discover not only points to the origins of the iconic series, but uncovers a truth from the past that will lead to self-discovery in the present, connecting three generations of women.

The Adventures of Robo-Kid Diane deGroat
Illustrated by Publisher Neal Porter Books ISBN# 978-0823449767 (HB) Copyright 6/28/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Imagine you could meet your favorite comic-book hero in the real world. What kinds of questions would you ask? Would you go on new and exciting adventures? While heroes might seem larger than life, everyone can use some help from a friend.

The Dragon and the Stone Kathryn Butler 2024-2025
Illustrated by Publisher Crossway ISBN# 978-1433579479 (PB) Copyright 5/10/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Even though she’s only 12 years old, Lily McKinley already feels the weight of the world’s brokenness. She’s seen it in her mother’s exhaustion, her grandmother’s illness, and the cruelty of Adam, the bully at her school. But most tragically, she experienced it two months ago when her father died in a terrible accident. As an artistic daydreamer, Lily has a brilliant imagination to help her cope, but that imagination often gets her into trouble. One day, it transports her to a fantasy world called the Somnium Realm, where her father’s secret history embroils her in an epic quest. With the help of a dragon guide named Cedric, Lily battles evil shrouds, harpies, and other creatures to find her way through grief, rescue the world from evil, and discover the power of redemption.

The Girl Who Lost a Leopard Nizarana Farook 2024-2025
Illustrated by Publisher Peachtree ISBN# 978-1682635810 (HB) Copyright 5/9/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.60

Selvi is a free spirit who loves climbing in the beautiful mountains behind her home. There, she befriended Lokka, a leopard with a beautiful coat and huge golden eyes. Together, they roam the wilderness as they please.But when hunters come with bows and arrows, Selvi knows she must stop them before they hurt Lokka. But what can she do against such powerful enemies, especially when the friends and family she turns to for help are not all they seem to be? To rescue her leopard friend, first Selvi must outwit the poachers and expose the mastermind behind it all.

The Grand Teton Stampede C.R. Fulton 2024-2025
Illustrated by Publisher Bakken Books ISBN# 979-8436149448 (PB) Copyright 3/20/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.90

Twelve-year-old Isaiah Rawlings wished for only one thing this summer, a camping trip outside of Kentucky. I’m so tired of camping in my backyard, he groaned. Isaiah pleads with his parents to reconsider their usual summer trip to dusty old museums and big cities.When his dad unexpectedly announces a trip to Grand Teton National Park, Isaiah is ecstatic! On the second night of camping, He wakes to a thunderous noise that grows louder and louder. The ground begins to tremble. Earthquake?! Isaiah scrambles from his tent…When Isaiah, his cousin Ethan, and sister Sadie investigate the next morning, tracks lead them back to a broken fence. As they scan the surrounding area, something seems off…Why? More than one set of tracks lead into the park. Was this stampede accidental or is there more to the story?

The Horseback Librarians Jane Yolen
Illustrated by Alexandra Badiu Publisher Albert Whitman & Company ISBN# 978-0807562918 (HB) Copyright 6/22/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

There were no libraries in the backwoods of Kentucky in the 1930s. Librarians there and throughout the South delivered books to families by horseback and mule, sleeping outdoors or sheltering in barns when they could, going from farm to farm in remote areas. In this story, a woman named Anna Mary stands in for all the real-life horseback librarians who helped keep the love of books alive in Appalachia during the Great Depression.

The Inkwell Chronicles: the Ink of Elspet J.D. Peabody 2024-2025
Illustrated by Publisher WorthyKids ISBN# 978-1546001980 (HB) Copyright 9/13/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

When their father goes missing after a mysterious train crash, Everett and his little sister Bea find a curious pen in his belongings, and its magical Ink begins to rewrite their once-ordinary lives. The Ink leads them to a world they never knew existed—one teeming with impossible magic, formidable allies, and villains who are determined to destroy everything they hold dear. Together, Everett and Bea embark on an adventure through secret tunnels in England and Scotland to find and protect the last Inkwell, and ultimately to save their father. But in order to do so, Everett must find a way to tap into the most magical power of all: his courage. Perfect for fans of The Silver Arrow, the Bookwanderers, and Inkheart, this classic battle of good and evil pits creativity against the forces that would seek to blot it out for good.

The Songs of a Warrior: Saul and David Katy Morgan 2024-2025
Illustrated by Publisher The Good Book Company ISBN# 978-1784988173 (PB) Copyright 2/1/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

This dramatic retelling of the accounts of the first two kings of Israel follows the intertwining stories of Jonathan, Saul, David and Michal documented in 1 and 2 Samuel.In this imaginative yet biblically faithful book, readers will find themselves immersed in the hearts and minds of the key players as they experience battles, intrigue, plots, betrayal, love, and friendship.

Thirst Varsha Bajaj 2024-2025
Illustrated by Publisher Nancy Paulsen Books ISBN# 978-0593354391 (PB, HB) Copyright 7/19/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.40

Minni lives in the poorest part of Mumbai, where access to water is limited to a few hours a day and the communal taps have long lines. Lately, though, even that access is threatened by severe water shortages and thieves who are stealing this precious commodity—an act that Minni accidentally witnesses one night. Meanwhile, in the high-rise building where she just started to work, she discovers that water streams out of every faucet and there’s even a rooftop swimming pool. What Minni also discovers there is one of the water mafia bosses. Now she must decide whether to expose him and risk her job and maybe her life. How did something as simple as access to water get so complicated?

This Seats Saved Heather Holleman 2024-2025
Illustrated by Publisher Moody Publishers ISBN# 978-0802428868 (PB) Copyright 6/6/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

At the start of 7th grade, Elita Brown’s friends enjoy their seats at the popular lunchroom table. Meanwhile, Elita hides in the bathroom. This is not how she envisioned middle school. And her omission from the popular table is only the beginning of her problems. What will she do when she’s terrorized by the meanest girl in school and accused of a crime she didn’t commit? Elita befriends an older couple living in the woods and gains confidence through her project on the red fox. Will Elita find her way and take her seat at the best table? Full of suspense and divine moments, readers will be captivated by this story.

Wild Ride (Adapted for Young Readers) Hayley Arceneaux 2024-2025
Illustrated by Publisher Convergent Books ISBN# 978-0593443880 (HB) Copyright 8/8/2023 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

In this adaptation of her heartfelt memoir, especially inspiring for middle-grade readers, Arceneaux shares the details of her wild ride with never-before-told stories written especially for kids coming to this edition. Arceneaux not only tells readers what it was like to go to space—from training in a fighter jet to lifting off in a Dragon capsule—but she also offers stories from her childhood: things that she faced at the hospital when going through cancer treatment, what she had to overcome when she went back to school, and the courage it took to dream big dreams for her teenage and adult years.

Agnes’s Place Marit Larsen, Kari Dickson (Translator)
Illustrated by Jenny Løvlie Publisher Amazon Crossing Kids ISBN# 978-1542026758 (HB) Copyright 3/1/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Agnes lives in a tight-knit apartment building where she knows what it is like to be the only child in a place full of adults who never have time. When a little girl moves in to the building, everything changes.

Billy Miller Makes A Wish Kevin Henkes 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Greenwillow Books ISBN# 978-0063042797 (HB) Copyright 4/6/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.10

On his eighth birthday, Billy Miller wishes for something exciting to happen. None of his wishes are answered the way he expects, but he does have lots of surprises, and the final one is possibly the best one ever.

Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember Tim Tebow
Illustrated by Jane Chapman Publisher WaterBrook ISBN# 978-0593232040 (HB) Copyright 1/5/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 2.90

Bronco the dog and three animal friends, all reluctant to attend a party for various reasons, receive a warm welcome when they do decide to go.

Code Breaker, Spy Hunter: How Elizebeth Friedman Changed the Course of Two World Wars Laurie Wallmark 2023-2024
Illustrated by Brooke Smart Publisher Abrams Books for Young Readers ISBN# 978-1419739637 (HB) Copyright 3/2/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 6.30

This biography tells the story of Elizebeth Friedman (1892–1980), a brilliant American code breaker who smashed Nazi spy rings, took down gangsters, and created the CIA’s first cryptology unit.

Cooper’s Story W. Bruce Cameron 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Starscape ISBN# 978-1250163387 (HB) Copyright 6/1/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.40

Cooper, a malamute-Great Dane puppy, finds purpose as service dog and emotional support animal to fifth-grader Burke, a boy in a wheelchair.

Dear Student Elly Swartz 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Delacorte Press ISBN# 978-0593374122 (HB) Copyright 2/15/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

When Autumn becomes the secret voice of the advice column in her middle school newspaper she is faced with a dilemma—can she give fair advice to everyone, including her friends, while keeping her identity a secret?

From Here to There: Inventions that Changed the Way the World Moves Vivian Kirkfield 2023-2024
Illustrated by Gilbert Ford Publisher "Clarion Books " ISBN# 978-1328560919 (HB) Copyright 1/19/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 6.10

Celebrating the invention of vehicles, this collective biography tells the inspiring stories of the visionaries who changed the way we move through air, water, and land.

Jack vs. the Tornado Amanda Cleary Eastep 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Moody Publishers ISBN# 978-0802421029 (HB) Copyright 4/6/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

10-year-old Jack is shocked to discover his parents are moving from their rural homestead to the boring suburbs of Chicago. Full of energy and determination, Jack devises a plan to get himself back to his beloved farmhouse forever. Only three things stand in his way: a neighbor in need, a shocking discovery, and tornado season.

Kate’s Light: Kate Walker at Robbins Reef Lighthouse Elizabeth Spires
Illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully Publisher Margaret Ferguson Books ISBN# 978-0823443482 (HB) Copyright 1/12/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 5.20

This biography profiles the life of Kate Walker, one of the first women on the Eastern seaboard to be put in charge of an offshore lighthouse.

Knight Owl Christopher Denise
Illustrated by Publisher Christy Ottaviano Books ISBN# 978-0316310628 (HB) Copyright 3/15/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 2.60

Owl wants nothing more than to be a knight. When his dream comes true, he proves to be both brave and clever.

Lily’s Promise Kathryn Erskine 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Quill Tree Books ISBN# 978-0063058156 (HB) Copyright 5/18/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

While finding her own voice, a shy sixth grader speaks up for bullied students.

Longest Journey: An Artic Tern’s Migration, The Amy Hevron
Illustrated by Publisher Neal Porter Books ISBN# "978-0823447008 (HB) Copyright 7/12/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Follow the epic annual migration of an Arctic Tern on its sixty-thousand-mile journey to the South Pole and back again, the longest such migration in the animal kingdom.

Mr. Lemoncello’s Very First Game Chris Grabenstein 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Random House Books for Young Readers ISBN# 978-0593480830 (HB) Copyright 5/3/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.20

Luigi has a knack for games and puzzles, but sometimes it feels like the cards are stacked against him. When a carnival arrives in town, Luigi gets the chance of a lifetime.

Operation Do-Over Gordon Korman 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Balzer + Bray ISBN# 978-0063032743 (HB) Copyright 1/18/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 5.20

When he is transported back to the seventh grade before he and his best friend had a falling out, science nerd Mason gets a chance to stop the chain of events that made his previous life implode.

Our Table Peter H. Reynolds
Illustrated by Publisher Orchard Books ISBN# 978-1338572322 (HB) Copyright 11/2/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 2.50

Violet longs for the time when her family was connected: before life, distractions, and technology pulled them all away from each other.

Out of My Heart Sharon M. Draper 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books ISBN# 978-1665902168 (HB) Copyright 6/8/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.80

Melody wants to conquer her fears and make new friends, so she hopes a summer camp for kids like her will welcome someone with cerebral palsy who wants to learn to ride horses and do other fun things for the first time.

Rescue Jennifer A. Nielsen 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Scholastic Press ISBN# 978-1338621013 (HB) Copyright 5/3/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 5.20

Meg Kenyon races to save her father and aid the French resistance in this World War II story of espionage and intrigue.

Rez Dogs Joseph Bruchac 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Dial Books ISBN# 978-0593326213 (HB) Copyright 6/8/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 5.10

When the COVID-19 pandemic starts, Malian, a young Wabanaki girl, is quarantined with her grandparents on the reservation, where she befriends a local dog and learns about her people’s history.

Stay this Way Forever Linsey Davis
Illustrated by Lucy Fleming Publisher Zonderkidz ISBN# 978-0310770084 (HB) Copyright 2/23/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Celebrate the joy, wonder, and innocence of being a child with a heartwarming celebration of all the endearing qualities found in children and the hope that those special traits will stay with them forever.

When Winter Robeson Came Brenda Woods 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Nancy Paulsen Books ISBN# 978-1524741587 (HB) Copyright 1/11/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.40

In August 1965, twelve-year-old Eden is excited when her cousin from Mississippi comes to visit her in Los Angeles, but their priorities and plans change when the Watts Riots erupt around them.

A Good Thing Happened Today Michelle Figueroa
Illustrated by Ramona Kaulitzki Publisher "HarperCollins " ISBN# 978-0063142312 (HB) Copyright 4/12/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Good things are happening every day and everywhere! This book tells the story of real good news from all over the world.

A Secret Shared Patricia MacLachlan 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Katherine Tegen Books ISBN# 978-0062885852 (HB) Copyright 9/28/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 3.20

Ben and Nora discover through a mail-order DNA test kit that their youngest sister was adopted and must unravel a family secret.

The Adventure is Now Jess Redman 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux Books for Young Readers ISBN# 978-0374314712 (HB) Copyright 5/4/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 5.80

After a horrible year, twelve-year-old Milton spends the summer on Lone Island, where he learns about friendship, protecting the environment, and fighting for what is right.

The Beatryce Prophecy Kate DiCamillo 2023-2024
Illustrated by Sophie Blackall Publisher Candlewick ISBN# 978-1536213614 (HB) Copyright 9/28/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.40

When a child appears at the monastery of the Order of the Chronicles of Sorrowing, Brother Edik nurses her back to health. When he uncovers her dangerous secret, she is sent away into the world with a goat and a boy.

The House of Grass and Sky Mary Lyn Ray
Illustrated by E. B. Goodale Publisher Candlewick ISBN# 978-1536200973 (HB) Copyright 4/13/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Every house has a story. This house—an old one hunkered in the deep grass below a wide country sky—is a waiting house. Once it was full of laughter and song. The sounds of life rang within its walls. Now it stands quiet and still.

The Islanders Mary Alice Monroe and Angela May 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Aladdin ISBN# 978-1534427273 (HB) Copyright 6/15/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 3.80

While spending the summer with his grandmother on Dewees Island, eleven-year-old Jake finds two friends also struggling with family issues. Together, they try to save a sea turtle nest.

The Ogress and the Orphans Kelly Barnhill 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Algonquin Young Readers ISBN# 978-1643750743 (HB) Copyright 3/8/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 5.10

When a child goes missing from the Orphan House, the town’s mayor suggests the kindly Ogress is responsible, but the orphans don’t believe that and try to make their neighbors see the real villain among them.

The School for Whatnots Margaret Peterson Haddix 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Katherine Tegen Books ISBN# 978-0062838490 (HB) Copyright 3/1/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 5.30

In this futuristic thriller, fifth grader Max searches for his best friend who disappeared after leaving behind a strange note.

The Star that Always Stays Anna Rose Johnson 2023-2024
Illustrated by Publisher Holiday House ISBN# 978-0823450404 (HB) Copyright 7/12/2022 Intl. Setting Reading Level 5.90

In Michigan in 1914, fourteen-year-old Norvia longs for her old home on Beaver Island where she could be proud of her Ojibwe hertiage. Now she has to contend with a new school, a blended family and being forced to pretend she’s not Native at all.

The Story of a Story Deborah Hopkinson
Illustrated by Hadley Hooper Publisher Neal Porter Books ISBN# 978-0823444915 (HB) Copyright 11/9/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

This is a story of a child writing a story that encourages persistence and celebrates the strength of every child’s unique voice and the story they have to tell.

Bartali’s Bicycle: The True Story of Gino Bartali, Italy’s Secret Hero Megan Hoyt
Illustrated by Iacopo Bruno Publisher Quill Tree Books ISBN# 978-0062908117 (HB) Copyright 2/23/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.20

Gino Bartali pedaled across Italy for years, winning one cycling race after another, including the 1938 Tour de France. Gino became an international sports hero! But the next year, World War II began, and it changed everything. Soldiers marched into Italy. Tanks rolled down the cobbled streets of Florence. And powerful leaders declared that Jewish people should be arrested.

To the entire world, Gino Bartali was merely a champion cyclist. But Gino’s greatest achievement was something he never told a soul—that he secretly worked with the Italian resistance to save hundreds of Jewish men, women, and children, and others, from certain death, using the one thing no authority would question: his bicycle.

Brave Heroes and Bold Defenders: 50 True Stories of Daring Men of God Shirley Raye Redmond 2022-2023
Illustrated by Katya Longhi Publisher Harvest Kids ISBN# 978-0736981330 (HB) Copyright 10/6/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Meet men who have used their God-given talents to live out their faith to the fullest. They come from a variety of backgrounds, eras, and ethnicities, but each one has answered the Lord’s call on their life in bold and innovative ways.

Chicken Little and the Big Bad Wolf Sam Wedelich
Illustrated by Sam Wedelich Publisher Scholastic Press ISBN# 978-1338359008 (HB) Copyright 3/2/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 2.10

Chicken Little is NOT afraid of anything, not even a wolf. No matter how big or bad he is. In fact, she’s never even seen a wolf. So when a real wolf shows up and ruffles her feathers, what’s a fretful fowl to do: Join the frenzied flock and fly the coop? Or find out if this newcomer is as bad as his reputation?

Fred’s Big Feelings: The Life and Legacy of Mister Rogers Laura Renauld
Illustrated by Brigette Barrager Publisher Atheneum Books for Young Readers ISBN# 978-1534441224 (HB) Copyright 1/14/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.10

Fred Rogers was a quiet boy with big feelings. Sometimes, he felt scared or lonely; at other times, he was playful and joyous. But when Fred’s feelings felt too big, his Grandfather McFeely knew exactly what to say to make him feel better: I like you just the way you are.

The story of Mister Rogers: a quiet, compassionate hero whose essential message—that it is okay to have and to express feelings—still resonates today.

From the Desk of Zoe Washington Janae Marks 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher Katherine Tegen Books ISBN# 978-0062875853 (HB) Copyright 1/14/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.40

Zoe Washington isn’t sure what to write. What does a girl say to the father she’s never met, hadn’t heard from until his letter arrived on her twelfth birthday, and who’s been in prison for a terrible crime?

A crime he says he never committed.

Could Marcus really be innocent? Zoe is determined to uncover the truth. Even if it means hiding his letters and her investigation from the rest of her family. Everyone else thinks Zoe’s worrying about doing a good job at her bakery internship and proving to her parents that she’s worthy of auditioning for Food Network’s Kids Bake Challenge.

But with bakery confections on one part of her mind, and Marcus’s conviction weighing heavily on the other, this is one recipe Zoe doesn’t know how to balance.

Itch Polly Farquhar 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher Holiday House ISBN# 978-0823445523 (HB) Copyright 2/4/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.10

Isaac’s sixth-grade year gets off to a rough start. For one thing, a tornado tears the roof off the school cafeteria. His mother leaves on a two-month business trip to China. And as always. . . . there’s the itch.

Drawing on her own experiences with idiopathic angioedema and food allergies, Polly Farquhar spins a tale of kids trying to balance the desire to be ordinary with the need to be authentic–allergies, itches, confusion and all.

Jabari Tries Gaia Cornwall
Illustrated by Gaia Cornwall Publisher Candlewick ISBN# 978-1536207163 (HB) Copyright 9/8/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 2.30

Jabari is inventing a machine that will fly all the way across the yard! But making it go from CRASH to WHOOSH will take grit, patience, and maybe even a little help from his sister. A tale that shows that through perseverance and flexibility, an inventive thought can become a brilliant reality.

Linked Gordon Korman 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher Scholastic Press ISBN# 978-1338629118 (HB) Copyright 7/20/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 5.30

Link, Michael, and Dana live in a quiet town. But it’s woken up very quickly when someone sneaks into school and vandalizes it with a swastika.

Nobody can believe it. How could such a symbol of hate end up in the middle of their school? Who would do such a thing?

The mystery deepens as more swastikas begin to appear. Some students decide to fight back and start a project to bring people together instead of dividing them further. The closer Link, Michael, and Dana get to the truth, the more there is to face. It seems the crimes of the present may be connected to crimes of the past.…

Mr. Penguin and the Catastrophic Cruise Alex T. Smith 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher Peachtree Publishing Company ISBN# 978-1682632130 (HB) Copyright 10/1/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 5.90

Mr. Penguin and his Adventuring gang board a luxury cruise ship for some much-needed rest and a little entertainment. With Colin, his kung fu spider sidekick, preparing to perform with the Ladies Choir and fish finger sandwiches available twenty-four hours a day, Mr. Penguin isn’t even bothered that he can’t swim and is deeply afraid of water. When he befriends a young stowaway with a mystery of her own to solve, he soon finds that Adventures are lying in wait.

Muffled Jennifer Gennari 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers ISBN# 978-1534463653 (HB) Copyright 10/27/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.00

Amelia does not like noise. In fifth grade, she has to learn to play an instrument or, as she sees it, make noise on purpose. To help Amelia cope, her father gives her a pair of earmuffs to wear. When she makes a new friend in trombone class, the two form an unlikely friendship that helps Amelia find a way to let in the noisy world she’s muffled for so long.

My Very Favorite Book in the Whole Wide World Malcolm Mitchell
Illustrated by Michael Roberston Publisher Orchard Books ISBN# 978-1338225327 (PB) Copyright 12/29/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.10

Meet Henley, an all-around good kid, who hates to read. When he’s supposed to be reading, he would rather do anything else. But one day, he gets the scariest homework assignment in the world: find your favorite book to share with the class tomorrow.

What’s a kid to do? How can Henley find a story that speaks to everything inside of him?

Prairie Lotus Linda Sue Park 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher Clarion Books ISBN# 978-1328781505 (HB) Copyright 3/3/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 5.20

Prairie Lotus is a powerful, touching, multilayered book about a girl determined to fit in and realize her dreams: getting an education, becoming a dressmaker in her father’s shop, and making at least one friend. Acclaimed, award-winning author Linda Sue Park has placed a young half-Asian girl, Hanna, in a small town in America’s heartland, in 1880. Hanna’s adjustment to her new surroundings, which primarily means negotiating the townspeople’s almost unanimous prejudice against Asians, is at the heart of the story. Narrated by Hanna, the novel has poignant moments yet sparkles with humor, introducing a captivating heroine whose wry, observant voice will resonate with readers.

Raising Lumie Joan Bauer 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher Viking Books for Young Readers ISBN# 978-0593113202 (HB) Copyright 6/16/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Olive Hudson desperately wants a dog. But that doesn’t seem to be a possibility right now. Newly orphaned, she’s moving in with the half-sister she hardly knows and their life is too chaotic to include a dog. But then something wonderful happens: Olive gets a chance to raise Lumie, a guide dog puppy. Discipline. Rules. Lots of hugs. Only the best of the best puppies continue on to become guide dogs, and of course Olive wants Lumie to be chosen. But if she is, that means that Olive will lose her.

Rescuing Titanic: A True Story of Quiet Bravery in the North Atlantic Flora Delargy 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher Wide Eyed Editions ISBN# 978-0711262782 (HB) Copyright 9/7/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

In the middle of the night, the Carpathia received a distress call from the sinking Titanic. The intrepid little ship heroically changed course and headed straight into the frozen sea to help save as many people as it could. Follow the Carpathia as it risks everything to navigate remote, treacherous ice fields in the dark and come to the rescue of passengers on the world-famous ocean liner.

Silverbelly S.J. Dahlstrom 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher Paul Dry Books ISBN# 978-1589881433 (PB) Copyright 1/14/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Wilder is back on his grandad’s ranch in West Texas and a run-in with his dangerous neighbor, Saul, spins Wilder’s head like the blizzard that hits the ranch the day before Thanksgiving. Along with his sister, Molly, Wilder must rethink his ideas about what a trophy is, and how he relates to the wild landscape around him.

Sincerely, Emerson: A Girl, Her Letter, and the Helpers All Around Us Emerson Weber
Illustrated by Jaclyn Sinquett Publisher HarperCollins ISBN# 978-0063066960 (HB) Copyright 12/8/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 2.90

One tiny act of kindness can have a huge impact. Sincerely, Emerson follows eleven-year-old Emerson Weber as she writes a letter of thanks to her postal carrier, Doug, and creates a nationwide outpouring of love.

This is a story of gratitude, hope, and recognition: for all the essential helpers we see everyday, and all those who go unseen

Three Stephen Michael King
Illustrated by Publisher Neal Porter Books ISBN# 978-0823449231 (HB) Copyright 4/13/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

As a three-legged dog on his own in the big city, Three does pretty well for himself. His waggly tail keeps him fed, and he meets so many different legged creatures along the way. He’s happy just the way he is, but sometimes he wonders what it’d be like to have a real home. That all changes when he wanders into the country and meets a quirky young girl and her welcoming family.

Watercress Andrea Wang
Illustrated by Jason Chin Publisher Neal Porter Books ISBN# 978-0823446247 (HB) Copyright 3/30/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Driving through Ohio in an old Pontiac, a young girl’s parents stop suddenly when they spot watercress growing wild in a ditch by the side of the road. Grabbing an old paper bag and some rusty scissors, the whole family wades into the muck to collect as much of the muddy, snail covered watercress as they can.

At first, she’s embarrassed. Why can’t her family get food from the grocery store? But when her mother shares a story of her family’s time in China, the girl learns to appreciate the fresh food they foraged. Together, they make a new memory of watercress.

Ways to Make Sunshine Renée Watson 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books ISBN# 978-1547600564 (HB) Copyright 4/28/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.50

Ryan Hart can be and do anything. Her name means “king”, that she is a leader, and she is determined to keep growing into the name her parents gave her. She is all about trying to see the best in people, to be a good daughter, sister, and friend. But Ryan has a lot on her mind. For instance: Dad finally has a new job, but money is still tight. That means some changes, like moving into a new (old) house, and Dad working the night shift. And with the fourth-grade talent show coming up, Ryan wonders what talent she can perform on stage in front of everyone without freezing. As even more changes and challenges come her way, Ryan always finds a way forward and shows she is a girl who knows how to glow.

Where’d My Giggle Go? Max Lucado
Illustrated by Sarah Jennings Publisher Thomas Nelson ISBN# 978-1400220670 (HB) Copyright 4/13/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Where’d My Giggle Go? follows a boy who looks all over—from the circus to the bakery to his own pocket—for his giggle. After all, “No-giggle’s no fun. No fun, no sirree. No-giggle is not the best way to be.” Then he realizes that bringing happiness to others is the best way to find it himself. As he offers smiles and hugs, helps his mom wash the dishes, plays with a friend, and gives the dog a good tickle, he feels something deep, deep within start to wiggle. And before you know it, the boy starts to giggle!

Wild River Rodman Philbrick 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher Scholastic Press ISBN# 978-1338647273 (HB) Copyright 3/2/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.20

Daniel Redmayne is fast asleep on the first night of a white water rafting trip, when he’s awoken by screams. The dam has failed. The river is surging, and their camp will be under water in a matter of moments.

As the shrieking roar of the river rushes closer, the kids scramble to higher ground. They make it; their counselors do not.

Now they’re on their own, with barely any food or supplies, in the middle of the Montana wilderness. Do Daniel and his four classmates have what it takes to stay alive until they can get rescued? Alone in the wild, they forge powerful bonds—but develop dangerous disagreements. If nature doesn’t break them, they might just destroy each other.

A Piglet Called Truffle Helen Peters 2022-2023
Illustrated by Ellie Snowdon Publisher Walker Books US ISBN# 978-1536210248 (HB) Copyright 3/17/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.60

Jasmine Green loves animals. Her mother is a veterinarian. Her father is a farmer. And her brother and sister are . . . well, they’re mostly annoying. But being in the Green family means seeing and taking care of animals all the time. While helping her mom on a house call, Jasmine visits a new litter of piglets and discovers a forgotten runt hidden underneath its brothers and sisters. Poor little piglet. It is so tiny that it can’t even drink! Its owner refuses to rescue it. So it is up to Jasmine to save the pig . . . secretly. What will happen if anyone finds out?

A Sporting Chance: How Ludwig Guttmann Created the Paralympic Games Lori Alexander 2022-2023
Illustrated by Allan Drummond Publisher Clarion Books ISBN# 978-1328580795 (HB) Copyright 4/7/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 6.60

Dedicating his life to helping patients labeled “incurables,” Ludwig Guttmann fought for the rights of paraplegics to live a full life. The young doctor believed—and eventually proved—that physical movement is key to healing, a discovery that led him to create the first Paralympic Games.

The Amelia Six Kristin L. Gray 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books ISBN# 978-1534418851 (HB) Copyright 6/30/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.20

Amelia Earhart’s famous aviator goggles go missing and eleven-year-old Millie has to find them before the night is over in this girl-powered middle grade mystery.

The Circles All Around Us Brad Montague
Illustrated by Brad and Kristi Montague Publisher Dial Books ISBN# 978-0593323182 (HB) Copyright 5/18/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

The debut picture book from the creator of the viral sensation Kid President is a moving take on how we can create bigger and bigger circles of community and connections as we grow.

This is the story of a circle. When we’re first born, our circle is very small, but as we grow and build relationships, our circle keeps getting bigger and bigger to include family, friends, neighbors, community, and beyond.

The Eagle Huntress: The True Story of the Girl Who Soared Beyond Expectations Aisholpan Nurgaiv with Liz Welch 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers ISBN# 978-0316522618 (HB) Copyright 5/12/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 5.80

Teenaged eagle hunter Aisholpan Nurgaiv tells the true story of how she became the first girl to compete in—and win—one of Mongolia’s most prestigious competitions. Nurgaiv’s story and fresh, sincere voice are not only inspiring but truly magnificent: with the support of her father, she captured and trained her own golden eagle and won the Ölgii eagle festival. A memoir of survival, empowerment, and the positive impact of one person’s triumph.

The Lion of Mars Jennifer L. Holm 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher Random House Books for Young Readers ISBN# 978-0593121818 (HB) Copyright 1/5/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.00

Bell has spent his whole life—all eleven years of it—on Mars. But he’s still just a regular kid—he loves cats and any kind of cake, and is curious about the secrets the adults in the US colony are keeping. Like, why don’t they have contact with anyone on the other Mars colonies? Why are they so isolated? When a virus breaks out and the grown-ups all fall ill, Bell and the other children are the only ones who can help. It’s up to Bell—a regular kid in a very different world—to uncover the truth and save his family…and possibly unite an entire planet.

The Most Perfect Thing in the Universe Tricia Springstubb 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher Margaret Ferguson Books ISBN# 978-0823447572 (HB) Copyright 6/1/2021 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.80

Eleven-year-old Loah Londonderry is definitely a homebody. While her mother, a noted ornithologist, works to save the endangered birds of the shrinking Arctic tundra, Loah anxiously counts the days till her return home. But then, to Loah’s surprise and dismay, Dr. Londonderry decides to set off on a perilous solo quest to find the Loah bird, long believed extinct. Does her mother care more deeply about Loah the bird than Loah her daughter?

When Dr. Londonderry’s expedition goes terribly wrong, Loah needs to discover for herself whether she has the courage and heart to find help for her mother, lost at the top of the world.

The One and Only Bob Katherine Applegate 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher HarperCollins ISBN# 978-0062991317 (HB) Copyright 5/5/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 3.90

Bob sets out on a dangerous journey in search of his long-lost sister with the help of his two best friends, Ivan and Ruby. As a hurricane approaches and time is running out, Bob finds courage he never knew he had and learns the true meaning of friendship and family.

The Queen Bee and Me Gillian McDunn 2022-2023
Illustrated by Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books ISBN# 978-1681197517 (HB) Copyright 3/3/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 4.10

Meg has always found comfort in her best friend Beatrix’s shadow. Self-assured Beatrix is the one who makes decisions, and the girls have been a pair since kindergarten. But middle school has brought some changes in Beatrix, especially when Meg tries to step outside her role as sidekick.

A special science elective is Meg’s first step away, but when she’s paired with quirky new girl Hazel, Beatrix steps in to stake her claim on Meg. Meg is taken aback at how mean Beatrix can be—and how difficult it is to stand up to her friend. But as Meg gets to know Hazel while working on their backyard beehive project, she starts to wonder: Is being Beatrix’s friend worth turning down the possibility of finding her own voice?

Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao Kat Zhang
Illustrated by Charlene Chua Publisher Aladdin ISBN# 9781534411333 (HB) Copyright 10/1/2019 Intl. Setting Reading Level 2.60

Amy loves to make bao with her family. But it takes skill to make the bao taste and look delicious. And her bao keep coming out all wrong. Then she has an idea that may give her a second chance…Will Amy ever make the perfect bao?

Be Loved Emma Mae Jenkins 2021-2022
Illustrated by Publisher New Growth Press ISBN# 9781948130929 (HB) Copyright 11/11/2019 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Readers will experience the chain-breaking liberty of knowing the Lord’s presence and the freedom to be unique. This full-color, hardback book includes pictures from Emma Mae’s life, along with key Bible verses that God used to strengthen and guide her through the ups and downs of her high school years as a young Christian. Readers will learn to face the challenges of their student years with religion, courage, hope, and lifegiving love for others.

Beyond Me Annie Donwerth-Chikamatsu 2021-2022
Illustrated by Publisher Atheneum Books ISBN# 9781481437899 (HB) Copyright 6/30/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

In the aftermath of the natural disasters that have struck her country, eleven-year-old Maya is luckier than many. Her family didn’t lose their home, their lives, or each other. But Maya still can’t help feeling paralyzed with terror, and each aftershock that ripples out in the days that follow makes her fear all over again that her luck could change in an instant.

Blue Skies Anne Bustard 2021-2022
Illustrated by Publisher Simon & Schuster ISBN# 9781534446069 (HB) Copyright 3/17/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Glory Bea Bennett knows that miracles happen in Gladiola, Texas, population 3,421. After all, her grandmother—the best matchmaker in the whole county—is responsible for thirty-nine of them. Now, Glory Bea needs a miracle of her own. The war ended three years ago, but Glory Bea’s father never returned home from the front in France. Glory Bea understands what Mama and Grams and Grandpa say—that Daddy died a hero on Omaha Beach—yet deep down in her heart, she believes Daddy is still out there. When the Gladiola Gazette reports that one of the boxcars from the Merci Train (the “thank you” train)—a train filled with gifts of gratitude from the people of France—will be stopping in Gladiola, she just knows daddy will be its surprise cargo. But miracles, like people, are always changing, until at last they find their way home.

Britfield and the Lost Crown C. R. Stewart 2021-2022
Illustrated by Publisher Devonfiled Publishing LLC ISBN# 9781732961210 (HB) Copyright 8/1/2019 Intl. Setting Reading Level 5.60

He’s spent the majority of his life locked behind the cruel walls of Weatherly Orphanage, but when Tom learns that his parents might actually be alive, he is determined to find them. Together with his best friend Sarah, and armed with only the word “Britfield,” as a clue to Tom’s mysterious past, the two make a daring escape.

Soon, they are on the run from a famous Scotland Yard detective and what appears to be half of the police officers in England! The hunt is on, but will Tom and Sarah be able to evade capture long enough to solve an even bigger conspiracy that could tear our world apart

By and By: Charles Albert Tindley, the Father of Gospel Music Carole Weatherford
Illustrated by Bryan Collier Publisher Atheneum Books ISBN# 9781534426368 (HB) Copyright 1/14/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 3.70

At a time when most African Americans were still enslaved, Charles Tindley was born free. His childhood was far from easy, with backbreaking hours in the fields, and no opportunity to go to school. But the spirituals he heard as he worked made him long to know how to read the Gospel for himself. Late at night, he taught himself to read from scraps of newspapers. From those small scraps, young Charles raised himself to become a founding father of American gospel music whose hymn was the basis for the Civil Rights anthem “We Shall Overcome.”

Chip and Curly: The Great Potato Race Cathy Breisacher
Illustrated by Joshua Heinsz Publisher Sleeping Bear Press ISBN# 9781585364084 (HB) Copyright 5/15/2019 Intl. Setting Reading Level 2.90

Chip the potato chip is sure he has the annual Spud City Festival sack race in the bag—he’s been practicing all year. The Home Fries (local baseball team) and Sweet Potatoes (cheer squad) are all rooting for him. The French Fries even bring their tots over for an autograph. But when Curly the springy curly fry shows up, Chip knows he’s in trouble. This totally funny story is filled with clever potato puns—and subtle themes of sportsmanship and persistence. It will have kids and adults alike laughing out loud.

Courageous World Changers: 50 True Stories of Daring Women of God Shirley Raye Redmond 2021-2022
Illustrated by Publisher Harvest House ISBN# 9780736977340 (HB) Copyright 1/7/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Meet women who have used their God-given talents to live out their faith to the fullest. They come from a variety of backgrounds, eras, and ethnicities, but each one has answered the Lord’s call on their life in bold and innovative ways.

Feast of Peas Kashmira Sheth
Illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler Publisher Peachtree ISBN# 9781682631355 (HB) Copyright 3/1/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 0.00

Hard-working Jiva might not be the only one anticipating a delicious feast of peas from his garden. Every morning, Jiva works in his garden until the sun turns as red as a bride’s sari. He plants peas and beans, potatoes and tomatoes, eggplants and okra in his vegetable patch. When his friend Ruvji admires his plants Jiva sings,
Plump peas, sweet peas,
Lined- up-in-the-shell peas.
Peas to munch, peas to crunch
A feast of peas for lunch.
But each time Jiva is ready to pick the peas for his feast, they’re already gone. What has happened?

Fighting for the Forest P. O'Connell Pearson 2021-2022
Illustrated by Publisher Simon & Schuster ISBN# 9781534429321 (HB) Copyright 10/6/2020 Intl. Setting Reading Level 7.60

When Franklin D. Roosevelt took office in March 1933, the United States was on the brink of economic collapse and environmental disaster. Thirty-four days later, the first of over three million impoverished young men were building parks and reclaiming the nation’s forests and farmlands. The Civilian Conservation Corps—FDR’s favorite program and “miracle of inter-agency cooperation”—resulted in the building and/or improvement of hundreds of state and national parks, the restoration of nearly 120 million acre of land, and the planting of some three billion trees—more than half of all the trees ever planted in the United States.