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Read a great book that you would like to nominate?

Nominations of titles for consideration may be made by students, teachers, parents, librarians or any other interested person.

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Please consider the following:

  1. A book that contains any profanity will not be placed on the Children’s Gallery or the Children's Crown list.
  2. A book that takes God's name in vain will not be placed on any of the lists.
  3. You must have read the book.
  4. The copyright date of the book must be the PREVIOUS or the CURRENT YEAR only, or it may be a republication of a book written prior to the beginning of these programs.
  5. The reading level should be 1-3, 4-5 or 6-8.
  6. The author can be a citizen of any country.

Publishers may send review copies to:

Triple Crown Awards
HU Box 10750
Searcy, AR 72149-5615

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