Finding Faith in the Field

Finding Faith in the Field

By Benjamin Duane Hylden

On a cold April day, Ben Hylden tried on his suit coat for the upcoming school prom, then sped toward nearby Park River, ND, for an appointment. Running late and driving too fast, he lost control of his car on ice, flipped the car and was thrown out the passenger’s door-plunging face first into an icy field. Ben’s face and body were crushed, along with his dreams of being a basketball star.
As his battered body lay in the field, Ben’s life seemed to be coming to an end. However, it turned out to only be the beginning of a remarkable journey of faith that showed him glimpses of life beyond this world, and gave him a new perspective on what matters most.


2016-2017 Lamplighter Award

Reading Level: 0.0

Published by Samizdat Publishing Group, LLC

ISBN# 9781938633591 (PB)