Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library

The Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library

By Linda Bailey, Illustrated by Victoria Jamieson

Eddie is a tiny green bug who loves to read and who lives behind the chalkboard in the fourth-grade classroom with his parents, his 53 brothers and sisters, and his aunt Min. But when Aunt Min goes to the school library to read a book and never returns, Eddie leaves the comfort of his home for the first time and makes the dangerous trek through Ferny Creek Elementary School to find her. After dodging running sneakers, falling books, and terrifying spiders, Eddie reaches the library, where he discovers Aunt Min stuck in a perilous situation! To top it all off, there’s a substitute librarian who aims to close the library for good and get rid of all the books!


2019-2020 Crown Award

Reading Level: 3.7

Published by Greenwillow Books

ISBN# 978-0062440938 (HB)