Nominated Books

Things Seen From Above

By Shelley Pearsall

April is looking for an escape from the sixth-grade lunch hour, which has become a social-scene nightmare, so she signs up to be a “buddy bench monitor” for the fourth graders’ recess. Joey Byrd is a boy on the fringes, who wanders the playground alone, dragging his foot through the dirt. But over time, April realizes that Joey isn’t just making random circles. When you look at his designs from above, a story emerges… Joey’s “bird’s eye” drawings reveal what he observes and thinks about every day.


2021-2022 Lamplighter Award

Reading Level: 5.2

Published by Alfred A. Knopf

ISBN# 9781524717391 (HB)

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Saving Hanno: The Story of a Refugee Dog

By Miriam Halahmy

What if you had to leave your dog behind when you fled? Nine-year-old Rudi has a chance to leave the dangers of Nazi Germany on a Kindertransport to England. However, he cannot bring Hanno, his wonderful dachshund. Luckily, his family finds a way to smuggle Hanno to London. But with England on the brink of war, Hanno is still not safe.


2021-2022 Crown Award

Reading Level: 0.0

Published by Holiday House

ISBN# 9780823441655 (HB)

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Squirrel in the Museum

By Viviann Vande Velde, Illustrated by Steve Björkman

When Twitch hears that the school children are taking a field trip to the science museum, he decides he wants to join in the fun—so he stows away on the school bus and hides in a backpack to get in. But as always, not everyone is glad to see a squirrel in their midst. Pursued by security guards, Twitch turns the exhibits into his own private carnival rides—swinging on a Foucault pendulum, riding a model Mars Rover, and skittering across the Bernoulli air pressure table. Just when it seems like there’s no escape, Twitch’s chaotic romp turns up some surprises for the museum staff. . . and a friendly boy in a wheelchair saves the day for the squirrel, sneaking him back out.


2021-2022 Crown Award

Reading Level: 5.3

Published by Holiday House

ISBN# 9780823441679 (HB)

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Trouble at Table 5: Busted by Breakfast

By Tom Watson, Illustrated by Marta Kissi

Simon always has a lot to say. And sometimes he can’t stop talking—even in the middle of class. When Simon gets in trouble for jabbering at school, his best friends, Molly and Rosie, think up a plan to keep him from getting grounded at home! It involves cars, suds, and pink plastic flamingos! But will their big plan turn into an even bigger disaster?


2021-2022 Crown Award

Reading Level: 3.5

Published by Harper Collins

ISBN# 9780062953445 (HB)

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Lety Out Loud

By Angela Cervantes

Lety Muñoz’s first language is Spanish, and she likes to take her time putting her words together. She loves volunteering at the Furry Friends Animal Shelter because the dogs and cats there don’t care if she can’t always find the right word. When the shelter needs a volunteer to write animal profiles, Lety jumps at the chance. But grumpy classmate Hunter also wants to write profiles—so now they have to work as a team. Hunter’s not much of a team player, though. He devises a secret competition to decide who will be the official shelter scribe. Whoever helps get their animals adopted the fastest wins. The loser scoops dog food.


2021-2022 Crown Award

Reading Level: 4.5

Published by Scholastic Press

ISBN# 9781338159349 (HB)

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Beyond Me

By Annie Donwerth-Chikamatsu

In the aftermath of the natural disasters that have struck her country, eleven-year-old Maya is luckier than many. Her family didn’t lose their home, their lives, or each other. But Maya still can’t help feeling paralyzed with terror, and each aftershock that ripples out in the days that follow makes her fear all over again that her luck could change in an instant.


2021-2022 Crown Award

Reading Level: 0.0

Published by Atheneum Books

ISBN# 9781481437899 (HB)

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Squirreled Away (The Dead Sea Squirrels)

By Mike Nawrocki, Illustrated by Luke Séguin-Magee

In the first installment of this hilarious new chapter-book series, ten-year-old Michael and his friend Justin sneak into the Dead Sea caves near the archaeological dig where Michael’s dad is working. Michael finds two 2,000-year-old squirrels petrified in sea salt. Hijinks ensue as Michael tries to bring them back to the U. S., hidden in his backpack. What Michael thinks are just cool souvenirs may turn out to be something much more! The Dead Sea Squirrels series is humorous, fun, and filled with character-building lessons.


2021-2022 Crown Award

Reading Level: 4.3

Published by Tyndale Kids

ISBN# 9781496434982 (PB)

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Finding Narnia: The Story of C.S. Lewis and His Brother

By Caroline McAlister , Illustrated by Jessica Lanan

Before C.S. Lewis wrote The Chronicles of Narnia, he was a young boy named Jack who spent his days dreaming up stories of other worlds filled with knights, castles, and talking animals. His brother, Warnie, spent his days imagining worlds filled with trains, boats, and technology. One rainy day, they found a wardrobe in a little room next to the attic, and they wondered, What if the wardrobe had no end?


2021-2022 Crown Award

Reading Level: 4.5

Published by Roaring Book Press

ISBN# 9781626726581 (HB)

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